Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm going to be famous!

Well, almost! I I received this email yesterday: Congratulations! Your work was selected for the "Gilded Palette" Exhibition and auction at the Figge Art Museum!
Yeah!!! I wasn't sure that I would be picked as one of the artists for this show since I had meant to enter it awhile back but forgot and I got a newsletter that reminded everyone that the entry deadline was pretty much the next day. BTW, this isn't an animal art exhibit. It's to do with a lady named Susan L Beningson who has an Indian jewelry collection. Here is the actual info on it:

The Artists Advisory Council (AAC) for the FIGGE ART MUSEUM is organizing an exhibit to compliment the When Gold Blossoms: Indian Jewelry from the Susan L Beningson Collection exhibition showing at the Figge Art Museum from May 31 through August 24, 2008. Ten works of art will be chosen from artists currently living within 150 miles of the Quad Cities for the "The Gilded Palette" exhibit. Those pieces will then be auctioned off during The Golden Gala on May 31st to benefit the Figge Art Museum.

So, I took a deep breath of inspiration and actually did a digital painting in an hour, quickly burned it on a cd along with my artist statement thrown together and self made packaging- yes, I thought, boy, this packaging looks like crap so hopefully they look beyond it!

I threw the kids in the car and drove up to the post office and kissed my pathetic looking package for good luck and mailed it.

I then totally put it out of my mind, thinking oh well, at least I was proud of myself for actually entering some art thing that I always say I'm going to enter but never do. So, it was a TOTAL surprise to me when I opened the email. So, now I have to get it printed and framed and dropped off to the museum by the 13th. I'm so pumped over it!!

If you are local, please come visit and see all the cool art that will be there!