Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A yucky day!

I was getting spring fever this weekend with the nice weather change and anxious to get outside and take some pics but now instead of buckets of snow, we're getting buckets of rain! I guess its better as rain then snow but not for the folks that live near the Mississippi and have to worry about flooding banks.

Mia going to her "potty spot" last week.


On a brighter side, I finally sold an art piece in my display case at Bucktown- yeah!

This piece just happens to be the very first dog art canvas piece that I did and I had decided to put it up for the heck of it.

I was wondering if I was even going to keep the case because I didnt see much business from it and wondered if there was a demand for pet art in this area. (most of my business comes from online) The director told me that the client was excited to find out that I do custom pet art and so that gave me hope to pursue it further so I ordered a bunch of new prints and canvases and I am going to change everything out to new fresh stuff so if you get a chance to go down there, Im on the 2nd floor. You cant miss me-Im the only pet art display-lol!

This one is my favorite of the pieces going up.

It was such a perfect shot. Koodles to the owner who caught a great shot!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Hello everyone!
What a great new year this will be! I'm starting this year with a new blog geared towards my pet sites, http://www.tmoodydesigns.com/ and Unleashed Pet Photography at: http://www.tmoodyphotography.com/ . I took some shots this morning of Mia, our little pup even though she didn't seem too much in the mood.

Mia hiding under the table.

Poor Mia was just trying to take a nap!

Oops! Stuck this one in from this summer.

And here is our little kitty Star, hanging out on the stairs.