Saturday, January 23, 2010

A birthday surprise

I just finished a rush job for a woman's husband's birthday. She wanted a 24x36 canvas print. It was a hard project to do-time frame, three panel, and not the greatest photos to work with. Here are the originals:

She wanted oranges, blacks, reds, possibly some other colors, and no blues.

After a couple of hours, I finished with several proofs.

You can find the proof page here:


If you don't have time to visit it, here are some of designs:

Here is the one she picked:

I think he'll love it!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My favorite dog art piece-Alaskan Malamute Art

This was the first dog art piece I did and one of my most popular ones. I have to say this dog art piece is my favorite, because it started it all and from there, I have done hundreds of custom and adoptable dog art.
The Alaskan Malamute is a very pretty dog. I love doing dog art pieces of this breed.
We have different products available with this dog art piece on it. A popular product is the kids tshirt that also comes in toddler and baby sizes. Or, you can order one on a mug.

We also have pillows, clocks, note cards and greeting cards, plus other shirts and house hold products with the dog art on it.


Puggle Dog Art-prints, shirts, office

The puggle is such a cute new breed! They are the result of the mixture of a female beagle and a male pug. My cousins used to have a pug and I think this type of a puggle is a lot cuter-lol.
This puggle came from a dog shelter. She inspired me to do a different kind of dog art piece then my normal textures.
You can find this puggle art piece on a variety of items.
Such as beautiful puggle prints.

dog art

Puggle magnets.

puggle dog art

Puggle sweatshirts.

puggle pet art

Puggle shirts.

puggle pop dog art

Even puggle mousepads!

puggle dog art

There are many other items available, like puggle dog art clocks, kid's shirts, even a puggle mug!

Check out our store at either