Sunday, May 4, 2008

Finally more nice weather!

I just finished a nice traditional portrait of a beautiful dog and noticed it was getting nice outside.

We've had alot of cold, windy and rainy weather lately and I've been couped up inside not to mention, my photography shoots have been put on hold. I have a high school senior shoot that I've been trying to finish. (We started last weekend but it was too windy and cold to finish) I haven't been to the park to get some dog photos either.

So, we decided to get off the computer and have a cookout. I brought my camera out to mess around with and see if I could catch our cardinal family that hangs out in our backyard. You see, it seems that every time I see the male, I don't have my camera on me and when I run and get it, he's always gone!

Well, of course he was nowhere to be seen- I swear he is some magical bird that can do a great disappearing act! But, I still had my other models handy with their 'Not another photo, mom!'
whines. lol.